Mobile app network traffic monitoring report

Learn the secrets of any mobile app.

  • SSL/HTTPS encrpypted traffic
  • iOS & Google Play Store apps
  • Find any API url through GET, POST, PUT, HTTP requests...
Tree view

A glance of what is available within the application’s app directory.

API discovery

Discover all the different API urls the mobile app is calling


List of pacquet requests

Read and write calls

CaptainDoor's report shows both read and write calls separately.


WebView is a system component that allows apps to display content from the web directly inside an application.


Every communication with CaptainDoor will remain strictly confidential.


How does it work ?

While you will find easy solutions to monitor mobile app traffic with sniffers, most of them won't work with encrypted data.

CaptainDoor doesn't use any proxy and can decrypt SSL traffic.

  • No proxy
  • Full report
  • 100 % Money-Back Guarantee

A simple pricing for a simple product

If for any reason you're not satisfied using the CaptainDoor, he will promptly issue a refund. 🤝

  • iOS / Google app
  • API urls
  • Full report
  • Based on your needs
  • Phone Support
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Ask for a free sample by e-mail

What our customers are saying

I was looking to monitor a mobile app traffic with Postman but I did only get encrypted data.

Face 1

Web Developer

Really great way to get a full monitoring report in less than a day ! Thx CaptainDoor.

Face 2

Android Developer

Was using Burp and Charles Proxy, but couldn't get as much data as CaptainDoor did ! Congrat's.

Face 3

Web Developer